Interim CFO with clear focus on change

When an expert is immediately needed with the skills of RORI (Rapid solution, Objectiveness, Results, Investment)

Interim CFO is hired when something has happened or will happen, and you need to temporarily support your organization. Interim managers have long and steady experience that is useful to make external assessment of finance function and how this function supports operations while handling the daily work. We give extended smooth handover and always leave action plan or guide for recommended correcting actions while leaving the assignment. We have experience from different sectors such as manufacturing, IT infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, service, wholesale, electricity distribution, and passenger transport. 


Change Management Consultation/Implementation

Tailored business improvement by driving change – always, everywhere and with all. 

Good Change Consulting challenge reports, processes, routines, activities, and review team dynamics completely. 

Good Change Consulting can simplify complex situations within your company’s organization to create an understanding of the issue and the plan for the next steps.

Good Change Consulting improve a strategic efficiency within organizations – with a holistic overlook perspective throughout the process. We plan, do, check and act.


Training program The Hand of Good change

A holistic concept for a financially sustainable development.

This concept is based on +20 years of experience, where multidimensional analysis is the fundamentals of the concept and how to implement the different leavers depending on the existing challenges.

Program is a personal learning journey through inspiration, collaboration and practicing in your own working environment. You have the possibility to reflection and individual coaching sessions. 

  • Accounting background and want to cover business controlling
  • New as finance manager with responsibility for controlling
  • Improve your skills as head of business controlling 
  • Senior business controllers
  • Get inspiration as new CFO 
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Executive Finance consultation 

External counselor in challenging situations

Individual session based on your needs – can be for executives or team. 1,5h/session, 5 times during 12 months period. 

  • I worked together with a medium sized company within the financial sector to develop their front offer from blueprint to final offer.
  • I coached a senior finance profile to accelerate in the personal career.