Good Change Consulting is a Swedish management consulting company based in Stockholm. The company serve our customers with solutions regarding change management whereas focus always lie on how to become profitable with an organization that must be adjustable to new changes. Every organization is constantly experiencing change. That may include new technology implementations, new management group strategies, reorganization, compliance initiatives or customer service improvements. Good Change Consulting will aid in minimizing the impact it has on your company and work colleagues.

Good Change Consulting vision is all about driving change – always, everywhere and with all. This means that we can deliver result on how to improve the conditions for companies or organizations to become more successful in their industry within finance, operations management and organizational development. To improve your company’s profitability and earn a stronger brand accordingly.

Tanja Yliniva, founder of Good Change Consulting.

Good Change Consulting – what does it mean?

Good Change is a simple translation from the Japanese word “Kaizen”. In other words, it means continuous improvement in all functions and involves all your people.

For Good Change Consulting Ltd; Kaizen is a lifestyle. We apply Kaizen in our change management process; from top to bottom regarding your company – plan, do, check and act. You must involve everyone in a change management process or otherwise you will fail. GCC believes, like Charles Handy, the Irish philosopher who is specialized in organizational behavior and management, that “…change, after all, is only another word for growth, another synonym for learning, we can all do it, if we want…”

References – Frances Broman, career coach: “Tanja does not only know Kaizen, she is Kaizen”. “Her work is like concrete – it becomes fundamental”